Friday, March 19, 2010


8" x 10" Oil on Canvas
$100 Includes Shipping

Step back! Impressionism here...This painting is closer to what I'm trying to achieve with my painting than any before. Simple, bright colors and very little muddiness. Not a lot of intricate detail and it doesn't look like much until you take a few steps back. I took my time to draw out the arrangement of flowers so that they contrast with the darker blues and greens and I think it worked well to make the flowers the center of focus and to create a nice balance.

It helps that I have a great photo to work from that my aunt Diane took of the field beside our family's river house in Mathews, Va. I hope I've identified the flowers correctly as Coreopsis, a native wildflower that blooms most of the summer throughout the southeast. I believe Coreopsis is also known as "tickseed." If anyone is reading this, especially someone who knows anything about botany, let me know if this is correct. I think this painting is a step closer to where I want to be. Enjoy.

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