Sunday, March 7, 2010

Art as Life - A Study in Perspective

"Ferns" 8" x 10" Oil on Canvas

I intended to include the writing below in the "description" section of the blog but realized that it allows for 1200 characters, not words. Either way, here is a little bit of what led me to start this blog:

I have read, and it occurs to me, that if one truly loves one’s work, then it does not feel like work. If this idea holds true, then one’s work is one’s life and one’s love. When asked what my ideal profession is, I respond that I would love to live as an artist – be that as a musician (I play a mediocre guitar), writer (see above and below), or painter (see blog). While this is my first response, I have never taken the idea, or myself, seriously.

However, recent tragedies in my life have magnified the importance of this idea and forced me to think about my passions. I have become fascinated by the idea that each person has a calling in life and while one’s calling does not have to be one’s profession, (playing guitar, writing and painting are each rewarding hobbies in their own right – they can bring joy to one’s life whether pursued as a career or not), the idea of pursuing art as a lifestyle, as a profession, is now impossible to ignore.

Art as life is more than just painting. It is living life in way that makes the world a better place, seeing and conveying the world from a unique perspective that brings joy to myself and to those who bear witness to it. I thought tragedy would give me this perspective, but the perspective that tragedy brings is short lived. While tragedy may have led me to discover my passion, I eventually realized that using tragedy as motivation only leads to sadness.

For me, painting, and striving to see the world through an artist’s eyes brings about the perspective that I mention above. It makes the world interesting when it may appear bland or ugly to others. When I am able to see the world in this way, I am happy. With that said, this perspective did not, has not, occurred over night. It is an ongoing process and one that takes practice and dedication.

My hope for this blog is that it will document my progression as an artist and hopefully, one day, as a professional artist. Currently, I have a full time job that is in no way related to art except that it lends a photo opportunity here and there. While I have not studied art in a formal setting, I do study art on my own time. Each new painting is a study in color and technique, trial and error. Every second is a study in perspective.


  1. A masterpiece in the making. I'm proud of you.

  2. You are a talented artist! (painter, writer and guitar player). I get to witness this everyday :). I'm glad you are now sharing your journey with others!