Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Blue Bathroom

8" x 10"
Oil on canvas panel

Yes, this is the inside of our downstairs bathroom. I must have been desperate for something to paint last February.  Not the happiest of paintings, but that's indicative of my overall mood come most Februaries.  Hey, February's coming!  Awesome!

Happy Anniversary

11" x 14"
Oil on Canvas
$50 plus shipping

This is the bouquet that I gave to my wife for our fourth anniversary.  We drank wine and painted together...I painted this pretty quickly, but I think it turned out well.

Jackson Square

9" x 12"
Watercolor on paper
$35 plus shipping

I'm painting with watercolors more and more these days due to my lack of free time.  Watercolor is quicker to set up and easier to clean.  The technique is much different from oil painting, but one thing I've learned that I really enjoy is leaving holes in the color to let the bright white paper shine through.  Easy highlights!  This painting is from a photo taken in Jackson Square, New Orleans.

Burbon Street II

9" x 12"
Watercolor on paper

I usually try to stay away from Burbon Street when I'm in New Orleans, but it makes for a good painting.  And this is what (I imagine) it would look like stumbling toward your hotel room on Canal Street after a few Abitas.

I'm still trying to move away from purely representational painting, toward a more loose and expressive style.  But that's true in all areas in my life.

Red and Yellow

9" x 12"
Watercolor on paper

Didn't want my followers to think I'd gone the entire year without painting.  I have done a few paintings, but if I've been lazy about painting, I've been even lazier about posting.  I shouldn't say that I'm lazy; I just don't have time to paint.  That's why I'm not making it a resolution to paint more in the new year.  I paint when I have time.  I still love it; I read about painting, and I study other artist's work every day.  Grad school is over for me this March.  Along with teaching licensure hoops and paperwork.  I know that I will paint more this summer.  No worries!