Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Cool Shadows on Lake Fairfax"

11" x 14" Oil on canvas panel
This is Lake Fairfax in Reston, VA. Lake Fairfax is within walking distance from my house. I took the photo that I worked from for this painting two weekends ago during a walk with my dog, Riley. Fairfax County stocks the lake with rainbow trout from the end of March through the beginning of May and there were quite a few people fishing on the lake this day. I planned to work a fisherman or two into the painting, but decided against it.

I worked with four colors (crimson, ultramarine-blue, pthalo green and cadmium yellow light), not including white. I tried to create contrast between the cool colors of the lake shore and what is actually an open field and then more trees beyond. Hope you like it.

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