Saturday, December 13, 2014


8" x 10" oil on board

Yep, that's my nightstand. That's my alarm clock, my scallop shell full of rocks from places I've traveled, my notebook, and books.   The star is the hurricane lamp that I inherited from my granddad when he passed away.  I love the warm light that it puts out, and I have wanted to paint it for a while.

I used another limited palette of ultramarine blue, a couple of reds, and cadmium yellow, and I slapped it on thick.  I like the colors in this one, but I also like the greys that I created for the shadows on the books and notebook.

I have sold thirteen paintings this month; my best month ever!  And one thing I've noticed is that people are attracted to unusual, ordinary, or sometimes ugly scenes such as my bathroom, which created a stir at the latest Marriott craft show, and, ugliest of all, the beltway around DC.  I don't consider this one ugly, but it fits in weird-wise.

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