Sunday, September 28, 2014

Harper's Ferry Wax Museum

 8" x 6" Oil on Canvas Panel

This is the wax museum in Harper's Ferry, VA.  The real wax museum has "wax museum" written on the side of the wax museum (the pinkish building).  Wax is a weird word. I might paint wax museum on the side of the wax museum once the paint dries.  This might have been the most annoying paragraph I've ever written. 

I experimented by painting a practice painting alongside the actual painting, featured here.  The idea was to test out values and brush strokes prior to using them in the real painting.  I hypothesized that the practice painting would turn out better than the actual painting because there would be less pressure, resulting in a looser, more relaxed painting style (which is what I'm going for).  However, the experiment failed because the practice painting is identical to the actual painting, I was no more relaxed while painting the practice painting, and it became extremely tedious to paint two paintings side by side.  Who would've thought?  So, if you like this one, you're in luck because I have two. 

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