Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Successful Day at the Marriott Craft Show

Well, the craft show turned out better than expected.  What a wonderful opportunity and a great group of people who work at the Marriott corporate office.  Everyone was extremely friendly and for anyone who took a card and is checking out the blog for the first time - Thank you!

I was a little nervous at first, especially upon witnessing the quality of arts and crafts for sale, including another painter with some pretty amazing work, but in the end the day was a great success.  I sold 12 paintings and received quite a few commission offers.  I'm going to reinvest in art supplies and step up the quality for next year! 

I went through tonight and "adjusted" the prices of many of the older paintings and updated the pieces that are sold.  By adjusted I meant lowered so look through and let me know if you want anything.  I'm also going to add prices to the Picassa web album. 

Thanks again!

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