Friday, August 6, 2010

'Okra and Tomato"

8' x 10' Oil on Panel

I painted this one on Monday, but I've been too busy to blog it. I made a makeshift shadow box (out of a box) by cutting a rectangle in the top of the box and spay-painting the inside flat black. I can shine an adjustable lamp through the top and control how much light enters the box and the direction it comes from. The front of the box is open so I just set up whatever I'm painting inside. Very professional.

I like the way the okra turned out, but I got a little muddy with the tomato. Still, it's not bad. Here's the deal: the first person to leave a comment for this post can have this painting for free.


  1. Did I win? I have been waiting for my chance to have a Bohn original.

  2. Well yes...Good work! What's your address? You can email that to me if you want:

    It needs to dry about another week though.