Saturday, August 21, 2010

'Louisa Crossroads'

11" x 14" Oil on Canvas

I know better than to blindly follow Mapquest directions. Experience has shown that they will take you all sorts of crazy places that you don't want to be. But, I was in a hurry and I didn't have time to check my directions against an actual map- I saw a few familiar roads and figured I'd make it to Louisa one way or another. And I did, only after 45 miles of single lane roads through some of the most rural country I've seen in Virginia, south of Route 522 between Unionville and the Town of Louisa in Virginia. It was awesome! I recommend getting lost out there if you have the chance. Plus, I never would have snapped the photo that inspired this painting if Mapquest hadn't pulled its shenanigans.

This is where the back-roads dump you; at the intersection of Ellisville Drive and Route 33/22. Route 33 is Main Street in the Town of Louisa. I was headed to the Louisa County courthouse to file a zoning application for work. I wouldn't have taken the photo if, one; Mapquest hadn't tricked me and, two; the old guy in front of me hadn't taken 15 minutes to move from the stop sign. So, as fate would have it, I flung my arm out the window and snapped a photo. I haven't painted a landscape in a while so I enjoyed this. And I think I like the painting too.

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