Friday, July 28, 2017

Monacacy Island II

Monocacy Island II
8" x 10" oil on board
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The second of two plein air paintings that I completed yesterday and the second time I've painted this exact location on the Monocacy River.

I was getting alerts on my phone that severe thunderstorms were approaching, but I looked at the radar and decided I had time if I painted quickly.
The light changed repeatedly as I painted, but I really like how it turned out - maybe more than my first attempt (below).  You can see in the original that there used to be two trunks, but the one closest to the river had fallen in the water.

This is such a wonderful spot. In between paintings, I sat in the cool rushing water with only my head sticking out.  There's a little beach where I stand to do my painting and I didn't see another person all day.

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