Monday, March 21, 2016

Ginger-ale Studies

Ginger-ale Studies
5" x 7" oil on gesso board

My camera over saturates colors and enhances shadows, but I'm usually able to adjust once I get them uploaded so that they're close to reality.  However, My wife installed a bunch of updates to the Mac today, including a new version of i-photo, which I haven't quite gotten the hang of. As a result,  these photos are a little less true than usual.

The ginger-ale was sitting on a little table at my back door, and it was early morning,
so I had to paint quickly (30 minutes each) to keep up with the changing light. Hence, the looseness of these paintings. I guess light always changes at the same rate, but the variance in warmth and intensity per half hour stretch seems to be greater in the morning than in the hours before and after mid-day.

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