Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"River Day-lilies"

11" x 14" Oil on Panel

Made it down to the river-house in Mathews County, VA for Memorial Day this past weekend. We had an amazing time - there is really no way to paint or write about this place that can adequately describe it.

For this painting, I worked from a "color-capture" photo that my wife took of some of the day-lilies that are scattered throughout the field and along the lane leading up to the house. She captured the reddish-orange of the day-lilies so that the lilies are the only colorful part of the photo, everything else is black and white. I think this helped me to capture the correct values in the painting - I painted it first in different shades of burnt umber (dark brown) to match the values and then mixed colors to match the values and painted over the browns.

I like this one - hope you do too.


  1. this one is great!!!! :)

    i have an orange dog named lily! almost the same as the flowers.

  2. Thanks! Need me to paint your lily?

  3. I might have you do that in the future for me... not just yet.

    But I really like the way Poppy turned out in the painting you did for Chris; so it's definitely on my radar!