Saturday, February 27, 2016

My Daily Paintworks Bio

I'm a full time teacher and new dad, with a lot of serious hobbies. Balancing work and spending time with my beautiful daughter, while maintaining a level of fitness and making time for interests such as hiking, fishing, kayaking, guitar, and traveling feels like I'm spinning plates, giving a spin here and there to keep my loves alive. Out of all of my interests, however, oil painting has emerged as a passion. And while I have not studied painting in a formal setting, I study constantly on my own. 

Friends and family ask why I don't try to sell my paintings for more money or market myself more than I do. My response is that I feel like I'm working toward something; I don't know exactly what it is, only that I'll know when I get there. At this point, I'm happy to cover my expenses with a few sales here and there, which I do. Like every artist, however, I need to know that I'm making progress and that people enjoy my work. I've followed Daily Paintworks for several years and I see a community of great artists, who provide each other with feedback, both positive and negative, while making a few sales here and there. That's all I can hope for.

There is a link to my Daily Paintworks Gallery on the main page. 

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